Thursday, 4 April 2013

Effective and a simple Therapy to cure ASTHMA

LET’S TALK ABOUT ASTHMA Asthma is respiratory disease that affects the breathing passage of the lungs characterized by difficult and noisy breathing. It is generally believed that it is caused by chronic inflammation of these passages, heredity or some inborn hormonal imbalances plays a major role in the development of the disease. Today, asthma unfortunately remains one of the ailments that are yet to be solved medically without any residual or adverse effects. The good news is that there has been considerable progress in the management and control of the disease for now. What are the symptoms? The symptoms of ASTHMA varies from individual to individual person from time to time. Let’s consider four major recognized symptoms. 1. Shortness of breathing especially at night 2. Wheezing(whistling sound when breathing out) 3. Coughing may be chronic and usually worse at night, early morning after an exercise or when exposed to cold or dry air. 4. Chest tightness may occur alongside the already highlighted symptoms. However, as deadly as ASTHMA is, it can be managed and controlled, this is possible and you have a better chance if it is diagnosed as early as possible and proper treatment commenced which leads to fewer and less severe attacks without effective treatment, the patient will have more severe and ASTHMA attacks and can lead to sudden death. What are the causes? The causes of ASTHMATIC ATTACKS vary from person to person now, let’s consider the following cases:  An 18yrs old girl suddenly develops wheezing and shortness of breath whenever her mother is sweeping a dusty floor.  A 6yrs old boy always develops shortness of breath when his mother fries egg and then quickly rushes him to the clinic.  A 35yrs old woman having been exposed to too much cold or an air conditioned environment develops chronic coughing and breathing difficulty. Others are: • Exposure to tobacco or wood smoke. • Breathing in a polluted air. • Breathing in irritants such as perfumes or cleansing products. • Breathing in alcohol, spirits or preservative agents. • Emotional excitement or stress. • Physical exertion or exercise. As we consider the different type of asthma remedies available, it is of utmost importance to cautiously balance your desire to breathe easier with the possible dangers of the treatment which may be unknown. WARNING: never use any synthetic drug without checking or confirming firstly with your doctor. ALLERGY to some specific ingredients may actual trigger ASTHMATIC ATTACK. Allergies are abnormal response of the immune system where the body’s defenses react to a harmless substance in the environment. E.g. dust mites, flower pollen, some specific foods, rubber, medication (penicillin, aspirin, tonic etc.). Fragrance (in perfumes, cosmetics, detergent etc.) chemicals, exercise or even temperature changes. MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL 1. Keep an asthma diary to track or record all your symptoms and medications use. 2. Avoid ASTHMA triggers or causes as already mentioned including outdoor irritants such as smoke, indoor irritants such as dust, scent, odour, colour etc. 3. Exercise moderately to increase your aerobic fitness (consult your doctor for eligibility) 4. Prevent exercise-induced ASTHMA 5. Eat nutritious foods to maximize your immune defenses against viral and bacterial infections 6. Get plenty of restful sleep 7. Avoid anything stressful. 8. Call your doctor at the slightest sign of ASTHMA symptoms. 9. Check in with your doctors regularly for breathing test. 10. Avoid noise polluted environment. TREATMENT It is important to know that treatment of asthma should not be limited to the use of medicaments or herbs alone. The treatment may then be classified into 3 major parts, namely physical approach, psychological approach and medical approach. The physical approach to the treatment of ASTHMA is to totally avoid the causes already mentioned by those at risk. The examples of three cases and others mentioned clearly indicated that ASTHMA attacks can be prevented if the causative agent is discovered or physically identified and then totally avoided. The psychological approach to the treatment of ASTHMA is also significant. In this regard, the ASTHMA patient should be given psychological comfort because ASTHMA is not an infectious disease. Just like HIV/AIDS patient, there is no need to isolate or avoid the patient. The patient should be given support, concern and sympathy because psychological depression makes ASTHMA worse and may sometimes trigger off fresh attacks which may lead to sudden death which could have been avoided. The medical approach: if you are currently on ASTHMA medication and you are experiencing side effects, it is an indication that there can still be really safe, natural and effective drug free alternative. This is what the billion dollars pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about. It is true that medication is one of the most effective ASTHMA remedies but are been ignored because of its attendance, side-effects and as such, ASTHMA sufferers are now fastly turning to NATURAL REMEDIES. Many herbs have been applied by herbalists here in Nigeria for the treatment and control of ASTHMA. They have been proven to be very useful indeed, several years ago; there was this little girl of about 6yrs, who was suffering an ASTHMATIC attack. The chronic cough was on and off, various cough drugs were prescribed by doctors and administered all but to no avail. Within three days of this attack, the little girl would look pale and all the ribs were visible under the flesh. Thank God that when this herbal preparation of only 3ingredients were prepared and administered, the attack which disappeared not re-occur till today. I mean only few days of administering the Herbal preparation. Let me quickly share this testimony, a cousin of mine in faraway US, called last year, that her ASTHMATIC child was giving her a sleepless night, that at times the driver would need to bring him down home when the attack began, I was amazed that with the best of the best medical facilities in the US, how then could the attack persisted. Anyway, I prepared the herbal preparation of just 3 ingredients less than N2, 000. Thank God, somebody came home then from the US, and the drug was sent to her. Till today, there has never been re-occurrence. They say health is wealth, if I sell this package for N50, 000, it is not much, after all in the World today some people are ready to pay millions of dollars to cure some deadly ailments, yet inevitable does happen. I have decided to wave 50% off for you so that instead of N50, 000, you will pay N25, 000 but it will be for a limited period. The 3 ingredients are ready available anywhere, just follow the instructions and directions and I know that the Name of the Lord shall be glorified. Payment can be made to the Account details below: Bank Name: Access Bank Plc. Account Name: Folarin Olutoyin Matthew Account Number: 0034632552 OR Bank Name : First Bank Nig. Plc. Account Nos: 3028616596 Please, after payment, send your name and the teller number to or 08055536691 and the package will be sent to your e-mail immediately.

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